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Anoesis (n). a state of mind consisting of pure sensation or emotion without cognitive content.

Greg Stopic - alto saxophone

Alistair Johnston - tenor saxophone

Eitan Muir - electric guitar

Tomas McKeever Ford - upright bass

Ryu Kodama - drums


Anoesis formed in late 2016, a group of composer-improvisers who met through the music degree at the University of New South Wales. Performing all original compositions with refined presence and raw intensity, the group strikes a balance between experimental and emotional, art and the blues, groove and free
improvisation, creating a unique voice in the Australian music scene.


Their second album, Dancing Waters, was recorded through the 2MBS Fine Music Sydney Jazz-Artist-in-Residence program, was recorded as grant recipients in 2022 and released in November the same year. In May 2019, Anoesis with drummer Cy Donkin received the 'Best Band' runner-up prize for their performance in the 13th Bucharest International Jazz Competition. The group's debut album The Hermit (recorded with co-founder Patrick Rogers on drums) was released in October 2019. Anoesis' music is available on all streaming services.

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